Smart charging = clean charging

Power Quality and electric vehicle charging

The number of electric vehicles and DC chargers is rapidly growing in The Netherlands. While this is good news for the reduction of fossil fuel dependency, it might also lead to unforeseen effects on the electricity grid. Especially the high frequency switching of modern AC-DC convertors, which are needed to efficiently get the AC power from the grid into the DC batteries in the vehicles, are important in these. They can cause so called “supraharmonic” distortions, which can have negative effects on things like grid assets, electronic (household) equipment and other electric vehicles. There are no limits set to these in any norms yet, and their behaviour in the grid is not yet fully understood. During this presentation an overview will be given about these distortions, the complexity will be described and you will be informed about the efforts of ElaadNL to further increase knowledge and to create awareness about these distortions.

Thijs van Wijk, Projectleider Innovatie en Ontwikkeling / Testlab / PQ onderzoek | ElaadNL

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